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We are creating Youtube contents simultaniously with the magazines not just to earn money, rather this will be a preservation for the next generation.

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We Are Honoured To Host The Platform For The Cratives Of The World

Samantaral Bhabna is a literature magazine. Partha Acharya, the editor and founder started his journey with the magazine in 1996. This magazine has distinctiveness in character.

It not only publishes the literature of Bengal in Bengali language. Samantaral Bhabna can be called the 'Mecca' where literature all across the country and the world match each other. The magazine, in the last 28 years has unearthed the magic of literature which has been enriching Latin America, the countries in Africa, and less popular countries in Europe and the Middle East.

In Samantaral Bhabna, one will find novels, poems, and articles on contemporary social issues in the languages the writers are submitting in their respective languages. That is the reason Samantaral Bhabna, today has reached worldwide. It has created a platform where the literature fraternity across the world can enrich the world of literature collectively, unveiling the development of intellect among the people of the literature fraternity.


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