Samantaral Bhabna Foundation

Samantaral Bhabna Foundation

What We Do

We are creating Youtube contents simultaniously with the magazines not just to earn money, rather this will be a preservation for the next generation.

How It Works

We Are Honoured To Host The Platform For The Cratives Of The World

Samantanral Bhabna has been running for the last 24 years without any financial help. Despite the fact that several literature-loving people have shown interest by offering financial support through donations and advertisements the magazine has not yet accepted. The key reason behind the policy was to create a platform where the participants from the literature fraternity across the world could understand each other by going through the articles of each other.

Today, the editor and other editorial board members have decided to create a Foundation to take Samantaral Bhabna to the next level. Plans have been made to encourage and preserve ethnic form in different aspects of art, culture, music, dance, and architecture in the future. On behalf of the magazine, cultural festivals on the subjects will be conducted.

Even, Samantaral Bhabna has planned to organize award-ceremony functions in different countries once a year.