"Maradona La Main De Dieu", a quest for existence

"Maradona La Main De Dieu", a quest for existence

"Maradona La Main De Dieu", a quest for existence

Last May 31, in front of thousands of spectators, especially the football and sports lovers at Stade André Karman—Aubervilliers, one of the popular stadiums in Paris, the new play 'Maradona La Main De Dieu', based on the life of Diego Armando Maradona, was staged in a production by a European theatre company, Tac Teatro, based in Milan, Italy, and Paris.

In this one-and-half-hour show, we see the legendary footballer's life full of setbacks, struggles, and emotions and his spirit to move forward despite all odds, which inspires the audience at every moment. Then, he is not only a legendary footballer but an amazing human being.

The entire play is arranged in a unique form. The play begins by talking about life, which is actually a resolution.

"Light the flame, the fire,
The candles in your churches.
Take the confessional.
We won't take it back again.
To life, to death
We will never walk again.

The Argentine legend appears on the stage through his seventh son, never recognised by Diego Maradona. He continued to say,

"Hello, everyone. I am number seven. That's it. I was asked to come, but I didn't want to. It seems to be the seventh child of the great Diego Maradona. So, no one knows my name, my age, or my gender. Yes, oh yes. Nobody knows me, actually."

It is like looking for life from within, in light and darkness. Relationships are just excuses here. So, he says,

"Diego Maradona may be my father, but that's not certain. He was supposed to recognise us. I say this to us because there are three of us who were born in Cuba. With me, number six and number eight."

This technique of hiding a person's identity using numbers is unique. Where there is no ego, There is no euphoria or gloom over individual victories and defeats. There is only the urge to find yourself. So he can be heard saying,

"What does the number seven represent? And I sincerely believe that I represent a failure. Perhaps the only one in his life. I don't know. He is a failure as a father, Diego Maradona."

The whole play speaks the language of life, sometimes loudly and sometimes softly. It is actually a drama of finding oneself within oneself, which is beyond all failures and successes. When he narrates the story, a giant puppet is seen playing with a football on the stage, which is very symbolic.

Thanks must go to the director of this play, Ornella Bonaventre, and all the actors and actresses for presenting such a tasteful and exceptional production. Hopefully, this presentation will remain in the minds and thoughts of all cultural people around the world for a long time.

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